WAUDOG Smart ID pet tag with QR passport "Harl ey Quinn" design, Ø 25 mm

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QR passport from WAUDOG

WAUDOG Smart ID с QR passport, premium - a series of smart pet address tags with licensed designs.
  • Exclusive designs in the style of the most popular trend of recent years - superheroes DC Comics;
  • The presence of a QR code, scanning of which makes it possible to obtain information about the animal and its owner;
  • The ability to create a QR passport in the international pet database;
How does it work QR code from WAUDOG SMART ID:
  1. You buy an address label and create an electronic passport for an animal:
    • the photo;
    • breed;
    • name;
    • options;
    • special signs.
  2. Fill in the owner's contacts. ( +380-XXX-XX-XX )
  3. QR passport is active only after registration for
  4. In case of loss, the finder scans QR code, and it will automatically be sent to you email with GPS-the location of the scan site or contacts you by phone or email.

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