WAUDOG Waterproof dog collar with QR-passport,, metal fastex buckle, black

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Waterproof Collar

High-quality, durable and stylish collars with unique innovative fittings, new reinforced fastex buckle with the possibility of engraving.

Water repellent collar series WAUDOG Waterproof made of innovative COLLARTEX material, which was developed by COLLAR. The main advantages of this material are strength, softness and resistance to moisture.

Collars and leashes series Waterproof are presented in 7 bright colors, one of which (menthol) glows in the dark!


  • Unique quick release buckle-fastex, which can be removed and put on in one motion
  • Buckle with engraving pad
  • Stylish, bright, reliable and cutting edge
  • Made of COLLARTEX material: withstand heavy loads and last a long time
  • Four universal sizes for large, medium and small breeds
  • Practical: not afraid of water and dirt, easy to clean, bright colors do not fade in the sun