WAUDOG Design genuine leather dog collar with QR passport, "Leaves",

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WAUDOG Leather Collar is made of genuine soft leather. The reinforced layer inside the collar prevents it from deforming so it will last longer. It also has an area in which you can engrave your dogs name and your phone number. Thanks to the innovative printing technology the collar:
  • QR passport, digital address with a QR code (*in case your pet wanders off or gets lost, the person who finds your dog needs to scan the QR code on the back side of the ID tag to communicate with the owner. The owner might get a message with a GPS location of where the dog was found. **QR passport will activate only after registration on
  • doesn't deform during wearing;
  • doesn't fade;
  • doesn't dye dog's fur.
You just have to choose the design! And you also have the great opportunity to order a leash with the same design.

QR passport from WAUDOG

It identifies your pet and opens access to its online profile with important information: owner’s contacts, copies of medical documents, etc. This QR passport is a present; it is made of plastic and serves as a sample. In the case your pet wanders off or gets lost, the person who finds your dog scans the QR code and can view your dog’s profile and get in contact with the owner. An email will be sent to the owner with the GPS location of where the QR code was scanned.

WAUDOG - surprise your dog!

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