WAUDOG Nylon with QR tag, light-accumulative (glows in the dark), metal fastex buckle, blue

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New series WAUDOG Nylon with the "WOW" effect is made of high-quality wear-resistant nylon, with the use of unique metal fittings. It is completed with an address tag with a QR passport.
QR passport is active only after registering on according to the activation instructions accompanying the address label.
New nylon collars and leashes come in vibrant colors that glow in the dark!
The stylish design of the series collars will make your dog stand out from others and provide safety in the dark.

  • Availability of a "smart" address with a QR passport
  • Unique quick release fastex buckle with engraving pad
  • Stylish, bright, reliable and cutting edge
  • High quality wear resistant nylon
  • Robust fittings
  • Glow in the dark
  • Double row of reflective thread
  • Lifetime warranty for metal hardware
WAUDOG - surprise your dog!