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Discover the full potential of your dog!

  • Bond with your dog
  • Full-body workout for your pup
  • Endless active fun
  • A toy to fall in love with

The Puller by WAUDOG is a unique, multifunctional, and innovative fitness tool designed to help you and your dog stay active and healthy. Designed to train each muscle in your pet’s body and bring you lots of games, the Puller will become the favorite bonding tool for both you and your dog!

It can

  • Fly
  • Jump
  • Roll
  • Float
  • Stretch

Truly useful

  • Teaches how to bite correctly
  • Improves coordination
  • Provides intense physical activity
  • Develops the muscle frame 

Engaging fun

  • Increases play drive
  • Helps you to bond
  • Offers different games
  • Stays interesting for a dog

Unique material

  • Lightweight
  • Flexible and malleable
  • Safe for teeth, gums, and jaws
  • Non-toxic

About the Puller

The Puller is a unique, multifunctional, and innovative fitness tool designed to help you and your dog stay active and healthy. It’s made of one-of-a-kind material that’s extremely lightweight and soft. Unlike rubber that’s often used for dog toys, the Puller is very malleable. Your dog will easily bite into it without harming teeth, gums, and jaws. This unprecedented satisfaction from biting into the Puller will be one of the reasons your pup will fall in love with this tool.

The Puller can behave differently keeping both you and your dog excited, interested, and active! It can jump, roll, fly, swim, and stretch. This tool will let your pup express its true nature at its fullest!


The Puller can withstand heavy tugging and biting for a very long time. But since we’ve created this tool to be easy to bite into and safe for your dog’s teeth, gums, and jaws, it can’t handle chewing. The Puller is a toy for a fun and active game with your pup, not for leaving it for your dog to chew on.

Get active with your dog

The Puller by WAUDOG is the perfect way to let your energetic dog blow off steam. This tool has two rings in the set and for a good reason. The best way to use the Puller is to throw one ring having the second one in your hand. Your dog will run to get the first ring and then quickly run back to you because you have the second ring. That’s the fool-proof way to always have your pup rushing back to you! Two rings will make your dog quickly run back and forth — the next thing you know, your pup is pleasantly tired and satisfied with the activity you offered.

Two rings are fun for a tug of war game, too. Offer your dog to switch between rings to make the game even more active, challenging, and engaging! Also, switching requires way more energy from the dog as it has to jump and move its body more to catch the next ring. 

Needless to say that such a game will become a full-body workout for your pet! Through tugging, switching between rings, running, and catching the Puller, your dog will train each muscle, improve agility and coordination. Playing with the Puller, you’ll help your dog to get full control over its mind and body.

Finally, it’s a good way to stay active for you, too!

Bond with your dog

The obedient and attentive dog is the one that trusts its human. That’s why it’s crucial to build a relationship full of mutual trust and love with your pup. What’s the best way to achieve that? Through a fun and engaging game, of course!

The Puller will become the favorite bonding tool for both you and your dog. Your pup won’t be able to resist the lively game you offer. And you won’t be able to remain indifferent watching your pet having so much fun! Wanna have your dog craving for spending time only with you? Get a Puller!

Ways to have fun with the Puller

We wanted to create a multifunctional toy that would stay interesting to both you and your dog for a long time so that you won’t need to buy plenty of toys and carry them around. The Puller by WAUDOG offers different behaviors you can use to create lots of fun games.

The Puller can roll, jump, fly, float, and stretch. Throw the ring against the ground, and it will jump forward creating an exhilarating chase for your pup. Throw the ring in the air, and it will fly far because the material is very lightweight. Try rolling the ring on the ground, and it will quickly roll forward gaining speed. You can even throw the Puller in the water — it will float waiting for your dog to come and get it. 

Finally, you can also play tug of war with two rings making your pup switch between them constantly. The Puller stretches a bit making tugging even more engaging and drive-provoking for your dog.

The story of the Puller material

We wanted to create an ultimate and multifunctional tool that would be fun, engaging, and beneficial for both dogs and their humans. A toy, that would let dogs express themselves, train every muscle in their bodies, and stay healthy and happy. A toy, that would remain interesting for both a pet and a human for a very long time. To achieve that, we needed to design something that would be able to behave differently and amusingly.

So the story of the Puller begins with a simple rubber wheel. Through playing with our dogs, we saw how easy it is for a pup to grab a wheel with teeth without harming our hands, and how much our pets enjoy it quickly rolling away from them. But there was an issue — rubber harms teeth and overloads gums and jaws. Also, it’s not really tear-proof.

We went through dozens of different materials but we couldn’t find the perfect one. So we’ve created this unique material we named “Puller” because it’s pleasant and interesting for a dog to bite into and pull. Later, we gave the same name to the ring-shaped tool we’ve created using this material. 

The main advantage of the Puller is that it’s safe for a dog. It doesn’t cause any damage to teeth, gums, and jaws. It’s non-toxic and won’t harm your beloved pet in any way. We aimed at creating a tool that will be safe without any compromise because the health of our dogs is what matters the most. 

In addition to that, this material is extremely lightweight — despite a rather large size, the biggest Maxi Puller weighs almost nothing and can float and fly. Moreover, the material doesn’t absorb any smells and hasn’t its own smell. So the tool will remain pleasant for both you and your pet. And thanks to its shape, the Puller allows your dog to train every muscle, improve agility, and get better control over the mind and body.

Truly useful

The Puller teaches your dog many things. First of all, the shape of a ring and malleable material teach your pet how to bite properly without grabbing your hands with teeth. Your pup will like biting the Puller so much as its teeth go through the material, it will always want to bite the Puller, not your hands. So you’ll stay safe during the active game. The Puller is the only tool that trains the dog's jaw and teaches the pet to control its biting. 

The Puller also teaches the dog to drop objects. Thanks to two rings, it’s easy to ask the dog to let go of one ring and turn his attention to the other. No more begging to let go of the toy — your pet will quickly learn to switch between rings and drop objects.

Additionally, you can use your Puller as a reward while teaching your dog new tricks. Offer your pup a fun game of tug of war or ask it to fetch the Puller to allow your pet to shake off excess tension accumulated during the learning process.

Through its diverse behaviors, the Puller teaches the dog to coordinate the movements, control the body and mental state. This tool will make your pet more focused on both you and the game you offer. This will help your pup to stay in control of its emotions and behavior in all the other situations.

Finally, the physical activity the Puller offers trains every muscle in your dog’s body. It’s vital for dogs to stay very active to remain healthy. Strong muscles equal longer and healthier life. By allowing your pet to get as much exercise as it needs, you help it avoid joint-related diseases and other illnesses connected to the lack of activity.


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