WAUDOG Nylon dog harness with QR-passport, QR tag, pattern "Watermelon"

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  • USD 23.90

The WAUDOG series of harnesses with QR Passport is made of highquality resistant nylon.
The harnesses of this series are decorated with fashionable bright patterns. Stylish designs of the harnesses will stand your dog out from others, and a QR passport will help you to find your pet in case it gets lost.
  • QR passport, digital ID tag with QR code (* in case your pet waders off or gets lost, the person who finds your dog needs to scan the QR code from the backside of the ID tag in order to communicate with you(owner). The owner will receive a notification with the GPS location of twhere the QR was scanned ** QR passport will activate after registration on
  • Stylish, bright, reliable and ultra-modern.
  • High quality resistant nylon.
  • Fastex buckle with a lock.
  • Lifetime warranty on metal and plastic hardware.
  • Lightweight, reliable and ergonomic harness does not hinder the movement of your pet.
WAUDOG - surprise your dog!