WAUDOG Nylon dog harness with QR-passport, QR tag, safe, metal fastex buckle, purple

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Ergonomic brand dog harness WAUDOG Made of high quality wear resistant nylon and fabric ripstop, using durable metal fittings. Ripstop fabric is particularly durable. The material is almost impossible to tear. The product is stitched with reflective thread. Additional reflective elements are placed on the back, sides and chest.
The harness is completed with a QR passport.
Nylon ribbons glow in the dark! On the back there are special fasteners-elastic bands for a flashlight and other accessories. Shleya is ideal for hiking and walking around the clock.

There is an opportunity to purchase additional patches with bright pictures or a customized patch with your own inscription.


  • Ergonomic dog harness: perfect fit and maximum comfort thanks to the well thought-out shape
  • Wear resistant materials increased strength
  • Reflective and light-accumulating elements for safe walks at night
  • Quick release metal fastex
  • Changeable inscriptions
  • The presence of a QR passport, when scanning which the person who found the dog sees the owner's phone number, and the owner receives a message with the animal's geolocation.

QR passport is active only after registering on according to the activation instructions accompanying the address label.

To determine the size of the safety harnessWAUDOG Nylon, measure the dog as shown in the picture.