Collar WAUDOG Nylon with a pattern "Avokado", melal buckle-fastex with an area for engraving and QR tag

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Series nylon collars WAUDOG Nylon with metal buckle and QR passport is made of high quality wear resistant nylon.
The collars and leashes of the new nylon series are decorated with fashionable bright patterns.

  • QR passport, digital address with a QR code (*in case of loss of the animal, the finder needs to read the QR code from the back of the address for quick communication with the owner. At the same time, the owner gets a message with a GPS location of the scan location.**QR passport is active only after registration on
  • Stylish, bright, reliable and ultra-modern
  • High quality wear resistant nylon
  • Durable fittings
  • Quality fastex buckle with lock
  • Fashion patterns
  • Lifetime warranty on metal and plastic fittings

QR passport WAUDOG

It identifies the animal and opens access to its online profile with important information: owner’s contacts, copies of medical documents, etc.
It is a gift QR passport, it is made of plastic and serves as a sample.
In the case of an animal’s loss, the finder scans the QR code and enters the animal’s profile for quick contact with the owner. At the same time, an email will be sent to the owner with the GPS location of the scan location.

WAUDOG - surprise your dog!

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