WAUDOG Nylon dog leash with QR-passport, "NASA", adjustable

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Pleasant addition is in the series of nylon accoutrement/pl WAUDOG it is a leash with the managed length.
Possibility to vary length of leash depending on a situation will allow to the owner of animal always to observe balance between comfort and safe walking.
A leash is executed from a quality wearproof nylon, with the use of durable metallic fittings.
The leashes of nylon series are decorated by fashionable bright pictures.
The stylish design of leashes of series brightly will distinguish your dog among other.

  • Managed length
  • Stylish, bright, reliable and ultra-modern
  • Quality wearproof nylon
  • Bright designer pictures
  • Durable fittings
  • Lifelong guarantee on fittings
WAUDOG - surprise the dog!