WAUDOG Design genuine leather dog leash, "Better life" design

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  • USD 20.08

Leather dog leash from WAUDOG is a unique ammunition that will make your pet look more stylish. WAUDOG leashes are made of high-quality, genuine leather, it is also decorated with a colorful wear-resistant pattern. Bright and eye-catching patterns make the leashes stand out.
The COLLAR company provides a lifetime warranty for metal fittings.
  • Stylish leash design will stand your dog out from others;
  • Genuine soft leather;
  • Reliable carabiner;
  • Reinforced layer prevents the leash from deforming, so it will last longer.
  • Colors and patterns will not rub off and will not deform while wearing, colors wont fade with the sun.
WAUDOG - surprise your dog!