Leash WAUDOG Waterproof, light green

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High quality, durable and stylish leashes, with a carabiner made of high strength aluminum alloy.

Waterproof Leader Series WAUDOG WATERPROOF made of innovative COLLARTEX material, which was developed by COLLAR.

Collars and leashes series WATERPROOF are presented in 7 bright colors, one of which (menthol) glows in the dark!


  • Stylish, bright, reliable and cutting edge
  • Made of COLLARTEX material: withstand heavy loads and last a long time
  • Pleasant to the touch: do not cut or rub hands
  • Practical: water resistant, easy to clean, bright colors do not fade in the sun
  • Carabiner made of high-strength aluminum alloy in titanium gray
  • Non-slip in hand: the unique texture of the material prevents even a wet leash from slipping