COLLAR company has been providing a wide range of pet products for over 20 years. The company is an innovator, as it finds solutions to the most difficult problems and makes life easier for animals and their owners. The COLLAR company is engaged in market research and manufacturing of unique products, which have no analogs in the whole world.

In 2016, COLLAR's flagship products - PULLER dog training equipment and AiryVest dog jacket - received prestigious awards in Europe and the USA.

The company's products are in demand all over the world and are recognized by the experts of the pet market as one of the best. International cooperation is carried out through offices located in the USA, Spain, Poland, China, and the central office located in Ukraine.

Principles of Success

Innovative technologies

The company develops and manufactures unique best-selling products, which have no analogs in the world pet market.

Customer-driven strategy

Cooperation with distributors is implemented in the form of a comprehensive partnership: consultations and information support, marketing support, warranty service.

Permanent improvements

Every year the company presents novelties at the world pet market and is confidently expanding in Europe, America, Asia, and Africa.

History of the company COLLAR

1995 — the beginning of production of leather ammunition TM COLLAR.

2003 — launch of SuperCat wood filler.

2007 — the first millionth collar was released.

2008 — the company participates in the Interzoo exhibition for the first time.

2011 — the premiere of the unique training equipment for dogs "Puller".

Premiere of innovative AquaLighter LED aquarium lamps.

Premiere of the world's smallest and quietest aPUMP aquarium compressors.

2012 — presentation of DOG PULLER - a new sport for dogs with PULLER equipment.

2016 — TM AiryVest was named "Best Product 2016" in the USA according to the authoritative zoo publication Pet Business.

2017 — premiere of Flyber, the world's first double-sided flying saucer for dogs.

2018 — the COLLAR company presented the concept of the world's first wireless aquarium at Interzoo 2018.

The world's first DOG PULLER championship, 70 sports couples from 7 countries of the world took part in the championship in Prague.

2019 — the owner of COLLAR received the Pet ICON Awards.

 Release of ammunition with designs approved by the NASA space agency.

2020 — release of a licensed series of products with DC Comics heroes.

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