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Airyvest LUMI is the most lightweight dog vest ever! It will protect your pup from cold, wind, rain, and snow without creating any additional load. And it’s double-sided, too. Moreover, it glows in darkness! And you don’t even need to charge it — the vest charges itself when exposed to light.



Sewn by a robot for true perfection

As true perfectionists, we came up with an innovative solution — and a new vision of creating clothing for animals. That’s why the ultra-modern Japanese robot sews each vest with amazing precision. The vest will always perfectly fit the dog's figure, thanks to the correct silhouette. Innovation guarantees quality: all seams are strong and beautiful, and there are no hanging threads. The Airyvest LUMI will be your dog's best friend for years as it keeps your pet warm!

The lightest dog vest ever

Airyvest LUMI is the lightest dog vest in the world. We’re serious. It weighs only 46 grams (1.6 oz)! The vest does not create any additional load on the dog, and your pet will be able to walk, run, and play for a long time without getting tired. Airyvest LUMI doesn’t restrict movement, so your dog will quickly get used to it and feel free during the walk. You can also put the vest even in the smallest lady’s bag — it’s very soft and compact, so it will be easy to carry it around.

Reliable multi-season protection

There is no bad weather for Airyvest LUMI. The vest will warm up and protect your doggy from cold, rain, snow, and wind. You won’t have to worry about buying a new jacket every season. 

If it starts to rain, oh… it's okay. This vest won't get wet in rain and snow, keeping your dog dry and comfy. Did the temperature significantly drop? No problems! Airyvest LUMI is extremely warm. It has a standing collar to protect your pup’s neck and a lengthened back to protect the lower back. Finally, the stretchy sheathing around the sleeves makes the vest embrace your dog’s shoulders to prevent the loss of warms and protect the pooch from strong wind.

One vest — two colors

Airyvest LUMI is double-sided. It means you can put it on your dog either way outward, choosing a color depending on your mood or outfit. Isn’t this the best way to create cute complementing looks? And it will be extremely easy for you to put Airyvest LUMI on your dog regardless of the side you choose thanks to the reversible zipper.

This is our little secret! Let everyone think that your dog has a whole collection of vests.

Glows in the darkness

This Airyvest LUMI glows! The glowing effect is brought to you by completely harmless components and it doesn’t leave any particles behind. The best thing is that you don’t need to charge this vest because it charges itself when exposed to light. Airyvest LUMI helps you and others to see your dog even in complete darkness. It's the best solution for night walk lovers!

Check out how it looks on dogs!


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