Waterproof glowing collar in mint with metal clasp

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Choose the collar your dog will love wearing! This waterproof collar by WAUDOG is made of innovative water- and dirt-resistant material — Collartex. It’s extremely durable yet flexible and lightweight — makes a truly perfect waterproof collar for your pooch! Moreover, it glows in darkness! And you don’t even need to charge it — the collar accumulates the light.


About Collartex

Collartex is a unique innovative material developed by Collar. It’s water- and dirt-resistant — literally repels moisture. Collartex is extremely effortless to care for — just rinse the collar with water and pat dry with a towel. And that’s it! Your waterproof collar by WAUDOG is ready to use! 

As a huge bonus, Collartex doesn’t absorb any smells and it doesn’t even have its own smell! That’s why your waterproof collar by WAUDOG always remains fresh and ready for the next walk.

Glows in the darkness

This waterproof collar by WAUDOG in the mint shade differs from the entire collection. It glows! Our collar helps you and others to see your dog even in complete darkness.

The glowing component is a part of the Collartex material this collar is made of. This component is completely harmless and it doesn’t leave any particles behind. The best thing is that you don’t need to charge this collar. Just expose it to natural or artificial light for at least 15 minutes. This will be enough for the glow to last for 15-20 minutes, then the effect gradually fades away. The product is designed for full 500 charge cycles.

Durable yet flexible and lightweight

The waterproof collar by WAUDOG consists of two parts — a lightweight nylon collar covered with a layer of equally lightweight Collartex material. The result is a predictably lightweight and extremely flexible waterproof collar. You can fold it as you wish and even put it in your pocket — the collar will be absolutely fine with that! Let your dog enjoy complete freedom without any additional weight on the neck.

We all know how rubber collars get hard and fragile over time. Collartex doesn’t do that. This material remains smooth, flexible, and resistant to any damage for a very long time. That’s why your waterproof collar by WAUDOG will become one of your favorite to-go accessories that serve you a long life. And it will always look like new!

Nice to the touch and caring

Collartex is an extremely pleasant material to touch. It’s very soft and velvety — you’ll love having it in your hand, and your dog will love wearing this waterproof collar. Collartex doesn’t pull your dog’s hair and cause any discomfort — the collar will gently rest on your pet’s neck. 

Moreover, thanks to the anti-slip texture of Collartex, this waterproof collar won’t slip out of your hands even if your hands are wet! 

One size for three

Since Collartex is so flexible, it’s easy to adjust the size of the collar. So we thought, why don’t we make it as adjustable as possible? The waterproof collar by WAUDOG is adjustable up to 9 inches (for the XL size)! Therefore, one size will be suitable for dogs of 3 sizes. It means you don’t need to worry about the precise measurements of your dog’s neck. Also, this waterproof collar by WAUDOG makes the perfect accessory for a growing puppy!

Smart QR tag

The waterproof collar by WAUDOG comes with a free QR tag — a modern digital solution for your dog’s safety. This pet tag has a QR code on it. When you first receive your smart waterproof collar, scan the QR code on the tag. It will lead you to the free app — install it on your device and create an account for your dog. 

There you can provide all the information: everything about your dog, your name and phone number. If your pet gets lost, you can hit the “Declare a pet missing” button in your dog’s profile, and all app owners nearby will receive a notification. When someone finds your pup and scans the QR code on the tag, you will receive a notification with the location of your dog. And the finder will already know your phone number — so next thing you know, you receive a phone call and come get your freedom-loving pooch back.

Reliable metal clasp

This waterproof collar by WAUDOG comes with a durable and reliable metal clasp. It never opens by itself — you need to push both sides simultaneously for it to open. And it’s effortless to use, too! The thoughtful design allows you to close the clasp in just one second and then open it with one hand. No more struggling with the collar before and after walks.

Made of durable metal, this clasp can handle any load without breaking or opening. Also, it’s resistant to scratches, rust, and other damage — the clasp always looks like new. Finally, you can add engraving on it — write your dog’s name, your phone number, or just some words you want your waterproof collar by WAUDOG to have.

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