Collar for dogs with plastic fastex buckle

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Main advantages:

  • Not easily soiled (nonspottable), water and dirt-resistant
  • Easy to wash off under running water
  • Unique and durable COLLARTEX material
  • Universal covers 3 sizes
  • Quick-release fastex buckle with blocker
  • The material does not absorb the smell of the dog


The Waterproof collar is made of the innovative COLLARTEX material, which is water and dirt-resistant. The material itself is not easily soiled, can be simply washed under running water, and does not absorb dog odors. The main advantages of this material are strength, softness, and wear resistance. Due to its lightweight structure, the material does not load the cervical region and does not create discomfort. After a walk, it is not necessary to take off, the accessory is almost imperceptible for the dog. The collar is universal, covers 3 sizes. The Waterproof series is available in 7 bright colors to keep your dog in the spotlight.


The Waterproof collar is made of the innovative COLLARTEX material, which repels water and dirt. The material is not easily soiled, and can be quickly washed under running water. The accessory stands the test of rain, snow, slush. At the same time, the appearance of the accessory remains neat for a long time. Your pet's reputation remains unblemished.


Collars are made exclusively from environmentally friendly materials developed by the COLLAR company. Using unique technologies, we have combined many advantages in one product, such as breathability, durability, hypoallergenicity, and low wear. The colors retain their saturation, do not fade in the sun, and the material does not lend to the influence of the climate while remaining durable. The COLLARTEX material is lightweight, elastic, and compact easily rolls up and fits in a pocket.


Thanks to the adjustment system, the collar covers three sizes, and the texture, pleasant to the touch, prevents slipping. You don't have to worry about measurements, the transforming collar will fit perfectly on any dog ​​from a chihuahua to a shepherd dog. Especially great for puppies, so as not to change every month, as babies grow intensively.

QUALITATIVE AND EASY TO USE FITTINGS The fastex buckle is made of lightweight material - plastic. Does not create discomfort for the animal, the corners of the fittings are obtuse, they do not scratch, do not spoil the wool. These accessories are comfortable to use, it will not be difficult to fix the collar in one touch. Preparing a naughty dog ​​for a walk is no longer a problem. The fastex buckle is securely attached to the dog's neck, due to the blocker, which prevents unwanted opening.


The Waterproof collar is available in 7 bright colors, one of which (menthol) glows in the dark! The variety of colors allows you to create paired looks with your favorite pet. Stay on trend by not being limited to one color.


We're passionate about the quality of our products, so we are sure that you will be satisfied. But if you suddenly don't, you can return the product to us without any explanation within 30 days after purchase. We also provide a lifetime warranty for our fittings. If you suddenly have any questions, please contact us, we are always ready to help you and give you the best customer support.



Colors: blue, red, orange, pink, light green, black

Sizes: S, M, L, XL

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