Ducks Smart ID tag, d 1in


You dream — we create

  • Multicolors
  • Free app

Meet those vivid smart ID tags by WAUDOG — created for true digital lovers and their fluffy friends. Let your dog be a part of your passion with this modern digital solution with the trendy vivid print.


  • Trendy print
  • Vibrant colors
  • Fade-resistant


  • Modern QR code
  • Ironclad security
  • All info in one place
  • Comes with a free multifunctional app

    Free multifuntional app

    • Full info about your dog
    • Get notified about your pet’s location
    • “Declare your pet missing” feature
    • Add your contact details
    • Plan events with your dog
    • Set reminders
    • Keep all documents digitized
    • Get cashback

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    Ducks Smart ID tag, d 1in
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