Leash Nylon for dogs, WOW

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   Main advantages:

  • Variety of bright and trendy prints
  • The high-quality print does not fade in the sun
  • Ultra-lightweight with soft-touch loop handle
  • Compact, easy to roll up


The Nylon collection is characterized by a variety of different, bright, trendy, thematic prints to style the animal according to the owner's preferences. We only use top-tier, high-density nylon, which ensures our leash is durable and long-lasting. Our leash does not fade in the sun and is resistant to moisture.Our leash is compact, easy to roll up and will find its place in your pocket or bag. High-quality hardware is backed by a lifetime warranty. Easy to use, securely attached to a collar or harness. The leash perfectly shows in every day usage: it is pleasant to the touch, does not cut, does not slip. Pair it with our matching collar or harness for a wonderful look.


The Nylon collection is adapted to a wide variety of tastes, presented in six trendy prints. We design models that stand out from the pack and indicate your dog's personality with style. The aesthetic component is backed up by the soft sheen of nylon fabric. No one leaves empty-handed, the Nylon leash is waiting for you.


Have you ever wanted to sunbathe with your four-paws friend? No problem,  everything is possible with the durable Nylon leash. The print is faithfully fixed on the fabric, the pattern does not fade in the sun due to the unique application technology developed by our company. The Nylon leash is resistant to moisture. It doesn't wear off due to frequent use. Despite its delicate structure, nylon is difficult to tear.


The nylon leash is not easily soiled, dirt is not absorbed, and can be washed without any effort even in cold water. The fabric is unpretentious, it dries quickly after washing. The nylon leash guarantees easy care.


The leash has a looped handle designed to maximize your hand comfort during walking with the dog. It provides a firm and comfortable grip if your dog moves quickly. The leash is securely held in the hand, soft and weightless, it does not injure the hand when the dog jerks violently. Practical and ultra-lightweight, it easily rolls up and takes place in the pocket or bag. The walk should be relaxing , both for you and for your puppy boss.


Easy to put on and take off, allowing you to quickly and securely attach the leash to your pet's collar or harness. The clip is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, it can withstand medium loads and performs well at moments of critical pressure. The clip is equipped with a simplified clutch which saves time on opening/closing. Press the button and the clip opens.


We're passionate about the quality of our products, so we are sure that you will be satisfied. But if you suddenly don't, you can return the product to us without any explanation within 30 days after purchase. We also provide a lifetime warranty for our hardware. If you suddenly have any questions, please contact us, we are always ready to help you and give you the best customer support.


Material: nylon


Sizes: S, M, L-XXL

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