Leash WAUDOG Waterproof, glow, menthol

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Series of waterproof collars WAUDOG WATERPROOF with plastic fastex and QR executed a passport from innovative material that was worked out by a company COLLAR.
Collars and leashes of new series of WATERPROOF are presented in 7th bright colours, one of that (Mentholum) shines in darkness!
The bright design of leashes of series brightly will distinguish your dog among other, and QR a passport will help to find a favourite in case of loss.

  • QR passport, digital adress tag with QR by a code (*in case of loss of animal to finding it is needed to count QR code from the backside of adress tag for rapid connection with a proprietor. At the same time notification with GPS the location of place of scan-out comes a proprietor. **QR a passport is active only after registration on animal - id.net)
  • Stylish, bright, reliable and ultra-modern
  • Made from material COLLARTEX: maintain the large loading and serve long
  • Durable fitting
  • Quality plastic fastex
  • Four universal sizes for large, middle and shallow breeds
  • Practical: are not afraid of water-and-sediment, wash easily, bright colours do not burn down
QR passport from WAUDOG

He identifies an animal and opens access to his on-line to the profile with important information: contacts of proprietor, copy of medical documents of and other
It is the gift QR passport, he is made from a plastic and serves as a standard.
In case of loss of animal, finding scans QR code and gets on the profile of animal for rapid connection with a proprietor. At the same time to the proprietor will be sent email with GPS- by the location of place of scan-out.

WAUDOG - surprise the dog!

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