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You dream — we create

Meet those vivid smart ID tags by WAUDOG — created for true digital lovers and their fluffy friends. Let your dog be a part of your passion with this modern digital solution with the trendy vivid print.

Modern digital solution

Each smart ID tag by WAUDOG comes with the free app. Using it, you can create your dog’s profile, add your contact details, plan events with your pup, and even get a cashback. But most importantly, this app allows you to keep your pooch safe.

If, perish the thought, your dog gets lost, a finder can scan the QR code on the smart ID tag and get the necessary information. You can provide the following data:

  1. Your phone number and phone numbers of your friends and family for greater confidence
  2. Your current address
  3. Information about your dog’s health and diet. It will help the finder to take proper care of your pet properly while you are coming for your pup.

Moreover, the application has access to an international database — you can add your dog’s chip details to it to reinforce the protection of your pet.

Scan notification with pet’s location

If your dog gets lost, our app will help you to search and increase the chances of finding a pet. So if that happens, just press the button “Declare a pet missing”. What does it mean? You start the search process — all app users who are nearby will receive an alert about a missing pet. Your dog won't have time to understand what's going on as you begin the reunion operation. 

When someone scans the QR code of your lost dog, you will instantly be notified. This information reduces anxiety and gives confidence that the process has started and the pet will soon return home. Also, you receive a message with the exact pet’s location — so that you can come and get your freedom-loving pup back. A complete and detailed pet profile will help the finder to contact you as soon as possible.

According to statistics, 85% of pets with a smart ID tag return to their owners within 24 hours. 

Multifunctional organizer

The app offers a built-in organizer that keeps all documents digitized and structured, and helps to effectively plan events in the pet's life. The application allows you to store information about several pets at the same time, creating separate profiles for each of them. When filling out the profile, you can add the passport and the chip of the dog, veterinary documents, proof of vaccinations, and other documents you find important. Thanks to this feature, you will always have access to all the information you need.

Thanks to the great built-in time management assistant you don’t need to keep everything in your mind. Using it, you can create reminders for vaccinations, schedule vet and grooming visits, and other events.

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