Bracelet WAUDOG with pattern "Superman 2", genuine leather (width 15 mm, length 17-23 cm) 

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Stunning news from WAUDOG!
Introducing the brand collaboration WAUDOG from a fantastic universe DC Comics.

Now cool logos and popular superheroes of the universe DC Comics (Batman, Superman, Joker, Harley Quinn and others) will be shown on bracelets WAUDOG .

Leather bracelets WAUDOG with unique design patterns created to help animal owners emphasize their deep affection for four-legged pets.

The striking features of this series:

  • Exclusive and fashionable superhero design (DC Comics)
  • «WOW»Effect;
  • Innovative technology of drawing a pattern - it is not erased or deformed;
  • Natural soft leather.

WAUDOG - surprise your dog!