Dogs' clothing is very cute and also multifunctional. For example, harnesses and collars are not only elements of stylization, but a way to control your pet and keep safe on walks, too. Preparing your puppy boss for a new season, you should remember to take measurements before buying canine clothes and accessories. Collars and harnesses are available in different sizes. You know that all dog breeds have different shapes, so the only logical way to provide them with gear is to go by their measurements. Just measure your BFF to avoid the frustration of having to return a product. 
So, what tools do we need? Of course, it's a soft measuring tape.

We need the following measurements:

Chest: wrap your tape around the widest part of your doggo's torso.
Lower Neck: It's very important to take these measurements because the harness or coat sits lower on the neck.
Upper Neck: It's the basic measurement for a collar that sits higher up on the neck.
Length: just to be sure that clothing covers all the pup's body and your friend won't have ridiculous look.


Things to remember when choosing a harness

  1. You need two essentials to pick a harness for your furball: the neck and the chest measurements.
  2. If you're taking measurements for a harness, you should carefully read the measurements a manufacturer provides.
  3. Brachycephalic breeds — those who have a flattened muzzle — usually have a short or almost unexistent neck. It will be uncomfortable for them to use a collar. It's a quite good solution to use harnesses for these breeds. This way, the harness cannot slip off the dog and provide better control.
  4. Harnesses with a back handle are also suitable for some dogs who don't like leashes.

Things to remember when choosing a collar

  1. Measure from the top of the dog's chest, fully around its neck. Leave it loose enough so that you can easily fit 2 fingers underneath it.
  2. It is very important that the collar is not too tight, and does not interfere with the respiratory process of the animal.

Advice: to calm down your pet and reduce the level of stress while you're measuring them, give them a treat or some peanut butter.
Your dog also wants to be trendy. As far as you know the right measurement, your dog's wardrobe will significantly increase. Bowties, bandanas, coats, and other cuteness — the choice is virtually endless!

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