Modern technologies make our life easier and safer. Video recorders help to protect our car from thieves, “Find My Phone” allows us to have an idea of ​​the whereabouts of family members.
What if I tell you that we have something innovative for your pet? We were concerned about the safety of our four-pawed friends, who need the benefits of a progressive society just as much as we do. We offer an entirely new approach to collars. A collar with an ID tag is an efficient solution for pet safety for all pet owners. Continue reading, this article will open your eyes. 

What is a collar with an ID tag and what benefits do you get?

You might think that you buy a simple collar. But in this case, it's not just a decorative element. It's a digital information carrier. All our collars include ID tags. The tag is equipped with a modern solution for creating a digital identity of the pet in the form of a QR code. 
Once you scan the QR code, you can download a mobile application. The app is multifunctional. Here you can:

  1. save your pet's passport;
  2. veterinary documents;
  3. set vaccination reminders;
  4. receive cashbacks from purchases. 

    If your pet is lost, the following happens:

    1. Once someone finds your dog, they scan the QR code
    2. You immediately receive a notification with the dog's location
    3. The person who found the dog sees all the information about your pet and your phone number
    4. They call you, and you come over to pick up your pup

    The main purpose of the application is to ensure maximum safety for the animal and greater peace of mind for the owner.

    A step-by-step institution

    1. Open the camera on your phone
    2. Point the camera at the QR code.
    3. Click the link that will appear
    4. Download the application.
    5. Sign up for the application.
    Fill in all the necessary information about the pet. Provide the pet’s name and sex, several phone numbers, and the current address. Also, you have an opportunity to fill in health conditions and food preferences. 
    Change this information any time if necessary.

    Several layers of protection for your dog

    Thanks to easy-to-use and reliable hardware, it’s effortless to put on the collar on the dog. The durable buckle doesn’t open unintentionally — an ironclad guarantee that the collar with an ID tag won’t get lost. Like an anchor in the sea, the collar gets securely attached to your dog.
    If your dog gets lost, our app will help you to search and increase the chances of finding a pet. So if that happens, just press the button “Declare a pet missing”. What does it mean? You start the search process —  all app users who are nearby will receive an alert about a missing pet. Your dog won't have time to understand what's going on as you begin the reunion operation.
    If someone scans the QR code of a lost dog, the owner will instantly be notified. This information reduces anxiety and gives confidence that the process has started and the pet will soon return home. Also, you receive a message with the exact pet’s location — this gives you a clear idea of ​​the whereabouts of the doggy. A complete and detailed pet profile will help the finder to contact you as soon as possible.
    According to statistics, 85% of pets with QR passports return to their owners within 24 hours.

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