Do you know that some food is harmless for us but poisonous for our dogs? Maybe you would like to treat your pet with a delicious piece straight from your plate having no idea that this food is dangerous for dogs. As a responsible owner, you should be aware of which foods can be harmful to your dog to avoid issues.
Here is the list of foods that are dangerous for our tails.

Grapes and raisins

Surprisingly, grapes and raisins can cause permanent kidney damage and even cause a fatal reaction. Just 4-5 grapes per 10 kilograms of the dog’s weight can result in a negative reaction. Each dog has its own sensibility, that’s why the exact dangerous dose isn't determined.
Signs of grape or raisin poisoning include:

  1. weakness;
  2. loss of appetite;
  3. vomiting;
  4. abdominal pain;
  5. diarrhea;
  6. a staggering gait.

    Urine production may decrease or stop completely. Symptoms of poisoning may appear within a few hours after eating, you should carefully monitor the state of health of your doggy within 24 hours after it ate grapes or raisings.


    Onion can cause hemolytic anemia in dogs. It’s a condition when red blood cells get out of control. In some cases, garlic also can be dangerous. Moreover, onion is harmful to dogs in any form: raw, boiled, or fried.
    It’s not safe for dogs because the quantity may accumulate in the body, but we don’t know exactly the poisonous dose of onion. Pay your attention if a dog is lethargic, has pale gums, heart palpitations, and weakness. These can be signs of anemia. Also, there are other more severe symptoms: vomiting, diarrhea, urine with blood.


    Chocolate and cocoa beans contain theobromine that is harmless to humans but it causes severe poisoning in dogs. Theobromine negatively affects the central nervous system, kidneys, lungs, and heart of the dog. Caffeine has a similar effect. Natural chocolate is the most dangerous for dogs.
    Signs of poisoning are:

    1. overexcitement;
    2. hyperactivity;
    3. fever;
    4. tremors;
    5. vomiting;
    6. seizures;
    7. diarrhea;
    8. abnormal heartbeat;
    9. staggering gait.

      Don't give your animal even a tiny bit of chocolate. Even small doses can cause diarrhoeic diseases.
      Alcoholic beverages contain ethanol — a chemical that is extremely toxic to dogs. Even small amounts of ethanol can cause intoxication.

      1. lethargy;
      2. sleepiness;
      3. depression;
      4. weakness;
      5. unsteady gait;
      6. low body temperature.

        Ethanol gets rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream, so it is important to provide medical assistance as soon as possible. Moreover, the induction of vomiting usually does not help. 

        Macadamia Nuts

        Macadamia nuts are very beneficial to humans but toxic to dogs. We advise you not to experiment because even a small amount of nuts can cause an unpleasant situation.
        Macadamia nuts can cause:

        1. weakness;
        2. depression;
        3. vomiting;
        4. tremors;
        5. hyperthermia in dogs.

          In most cases, dogs usually recover within 24-48 hours if symptoms are treated.
          If you finished reading these tips, you did a great leap to protecting your best friend's health and well-being. Stay healthy and take care of your dog.

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