What is a dog harness

A dog harness is an accessory consisting of straps that surround a dog's torso. It is used to guide the dog or utilize its pulling power. It makes it easier to control and manage your dog on a walk. It is important to note that harnesses are designed to make your dog feel comfortable during a walk. It also helps to train your dog overtime to walk appropriately. With a harness, you can pull up and provide lifting assistance, when necessary, without causing pain and discomfort.


What is a dog harness used for?

Harnesses have several uses that can help to secure and protect your dog. 

  • Harnesses give better control over your dog. This is important if you're walking on a busy road or surrounded by a large crowd.
  • It discourages unnecessary pulling. A harness is used to help your dog understand that the action of pulling has no advantage. Instead, a harness stops the dog from pulling or jumping without worrying about choking him in the process.
  • It can be used to control your dog if they are anxious or uncomfortable. This is vital, especially if you are in areas where getting distracted could result in injury or your dog getting lost. 

With these beautiful harness uses, you would most likely be thinking: where can I get a good, high-quality harness? At WAUDOG, we provide an array of colorful harnesses that are designed to suit your dog's personality. Additionally, you can avail yourself of the waterproof harnesses created for walking a dog in bad weather and allowing it to swim. We also have step-in and overhead harnesses that come in various sizes to meet the fit of your pup. They are made from environmentally friendly materials that are suitable for sensitive dog skin. 

Dog harness or collar: which is better

Collars and harnesses have come in handy in modern times and became fashionable accessory choices for your pups. They come in a variety of colors and qualities. While collars and harnesses are essential for the safety and health of your dog, which is better? What are the pros and cons of a collar and harness?


The traditional knowledge is to attach your dog's leash to a neck collar for walks and outings. While this is seamless and quick when you have to take a brief walk, it can easily injure your dog's neck or compromise his safety. Here are a few pros and cons:


  • You can leave the collar on your dog at all times as it carries the dog's tag.
  • It is convenient to wear
  • It is cheap 


  • They can result in neck injury if not used properly
  • Prolonged pressure can occur if your dog tends to pull on the leash


Unlike collars, harnesses take the strain off of your dog's neck. One of the benefits of the harness is that it prevents injuries to your dog's trachea. Another advantage of the harness is that it gives you significant control over your pup.

Undoubtedly, harnesses are AN ABSOLUTE must for sensitive, fearful, and reactive dogs because they don't irritate the nerves even more. And the hug of the harness might be calming and reassuring for dogs.


Whether you choose to use a collar or a harness, it is totally up to you. But a harness provides your dog with the support and protection they deserve than a collar. Please keep in mind that a poorly fitted harness can cause more injury than a collar. Therefore, visit our harness catalog here to choose the best fit for your pup.


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