The muzzle should be chosen based on certain parameters. These criteria are the size of the muzzle, the material from which it is made and its purpose. Also, do not forget about the breed and size of the animal. A muzzle that is designed to be worn for an extended period of time must be comfortable so that the dog can breathe easily with an open mouth. Otherwise, the dog may suffer and this scenario will not suit anyone.

Muzzle size

Care must be taken to ensure that the muzzle fits perfectly on the animal's head. It should not roll over and slide if the dog tries to take it off. It is best to try on a muzzle before buying to avoid an annoying mistake. Some four-legged friends stand out for their special nimbleness and can deftly pull off the muzzle with their paws. For these animals, products with enhanced protection are provided. They are manufactured as a closed model with a recessed bottom. This option is also suitable for aggressive dogs.

Muzzle material

The material from which the muzzle is made is also of great importance. To date, a large assortment of these accessories is presented in stores, so the choice should be considered.
Nylon muzzles are lightweight and very soft. This option is perfect for travelling on public transport or going to the supermarket. This muzzle fixes your pet's mouth very well. However, this model is not suitable for aggressive dogs.
Plastic muzzles also have their fans. The cup is made of plastic and is attached behind the dog's ears with a strap. Such a muzzle is very light and inexpensive but does not have the ability to fold, so it is not very practical.
Metal muzzles are highly durable and reliable, but you need to pay attention to the presence of leather inserts in those places where the muzzle comes into contact with the dog's muzzle to avoid wounds and abrasions. Usually, such models are used for very aggressive or service dogs.

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