The vacation has already been planned, pleasant anticipation of the upcoming rest inspires you, but you do not want to part with your pet for this period. Or you have everything thought out, but then literally a few days before departure, the unpleasant news comes that there is no one to leave your tail with. There is no need to be sad or panic, you can take the sack with you, but let's take a look at the details of how to do it.
First of all, contact the airline (at least 72 hours before departure), because a flight with a dog is a separate type of service that must be booked. When requesting, you must specify the following information about the pet: its breed, weight, container dimensions and the total weight of the carrier with the pet. Before checking in for the flight, it is imperative to contact the Veterinary Control Service at the airport, which will conduct a veterinary examination of the four-legged passenger. You must have a certificate and a veterinary passport of the animal with you. After that, you will be given a boarding pass for the dog and stamped on the veterinary certificate.
If you have an international flight, then take care of obtaining a veterinary certificate (the validity of the document is no more than three days) and a certificate that confirms that the exported animal has no breeding value.

What do you need for an international flight?
  1. international veterinary certificate
  2. certificate of the breeding value of the transported pet
What do you need to fly to Russia, CIS countries?
  1. international veterinary passport with notes on all vaccinations and antiparasitic treatments (all procedures must be completed at least 30 days, but no more than 12 months before the flight date)
  2. veterinary certificate No. 1-vet
  3. certificate of dog chipping

We recommend that you pay attention to what are the conditions for importing pets into the country you are flying (for example, EU countries are prohibited from importing kittens and puppies) less than 4 months old. We advise you to protect your four-legged friend and buy an address tag for a dog, where your contact information will be indicated.
We also recommend that you take care of the harness and accessories for the dog that you take on the trip. If you go to the sea/ocean or somewhere in the snow (while taking your dog to the beach), then a waterproof collar, a waterproof harness and a waterproof leash are perfect for you. Also, if the late fall falls on a cold season, then buy a dog jacket.
With these tips, your vacation with your pet will go off with a bang.

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