Roulette leashes allow you to keep your pet in control, giving him freedom of movement and the ability to explore the world around him.
The tape measure leash stretches and retracts as the pet moves. The reel with a cord on the spring in the pocket section unwinds when the animal pulls the leash forward, then pulls together when the owner and the pet come closer to each other.
The more expensive models have a brake that will slow the dog down and "stop", fix the leash at the desired length.
The tape measure is usually much longer than a standard cord, it gives the dog more freedom and space to explore the world around him, and also, the person can easily control the movement of his four-legged friend.
And also, they have many advantages over traditional leashes with a fixed length, below we will describe them: First, it's a great learning tool. The length and lightweight construction of the leashes make the dog feel like he is not on a leash. This smooths out any behavioural deviations in an authentic learning environment.

The retractable leash gives the dog the freedom to explore the world autonomously, but control remains. The distance between human and pet is controlled smoothly thanks to gradual pressure on the brake button. The length of the tape measure for dogs allows the animal to walk, for example, over rough terrain, the person remains on the islets of civilization.

The WAUDOG roulette leash satisfies virtually all the criteria that we have written below:


The number of functions offered is much more than that of a regular leash. And also, we have a new and unique opportunity to add our own design to the roulette leash. Now, you can add any text, as well as an image to the tape measure and make it unique.


Evaluate how safe the tape measure is, taking into account the smoothness of the brake and stop mechanism, the visibility of the tape, and the lightness.

The cost

Compare the price/quality ratio of the leash, taking into account the characteristics of the product and the additional options of the subject (which is important).

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