Many dog ​​owners have the problem of how to train their dog for a collar and leash. The sooner you start doing this, the easier and better it will be.
How to choose your first collar?
You should not choose a chain or a noose as the first collar, it is better to buy a collar with a buckle. When choosing a size, make sure that when the collar is fastened, you have the opportunity to slip two fingers between this accessory and the dog's neck.
When is the best time to start collar training?
When the dog is calm and interested (before playing or feeding). First of all, the pet will try to remove the collar, do not pay attention. After a while, distract the dog and remove the collar and then put it back on. Praise and reward your pet for his efforts. It will take a couple of days to train, then the four-legged friend will completely stop noticing the collar.
If you are training a puppy, then be careful that the dog does not become tight in the collar, because the pet is now actively growing. For the safety of your pet, attach a tag to the collar. You can buy an address plate on the Internet or at any pet store.
Gradually let the dog understand that the collar will restrict his freedom. Pick up the collar while on the dog and try to control it. He may struggle, but you need to try to calm the dog down, encourage him with treats and praise him. When the pet gets used to the idea that the collar can restrict its freedom, then it's time to attach a leash to the collar. Once you've done this, just let your dog run around with the leash to get used to it. Next, take the leash in your hands and show the dog that he cannot go where he wants to. After a while, take him off the leash and praise.
To keep you comfortable, you should buy a leash that is strong and reliable.

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