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Puller is an innovative exercise widget designed for active interaction with your dog, improving their physical and mental health, training, and building a strong and trustful relationship with your pet.


CONTACT CONTACT — By playing with Puller, your dog will stay focused on the process because the game is very active and engaging, thus improving contact and understanding between you two.

MOTIVATIONMOTIVATION — Puller offers an extremely fun activity which motivates your dog to learn and explore. This means that Puller will be your dog's fav toy ever!

BONDINGBONDING — It is no longer possible to stay disconnected when the game is so engaging for both you and your dog! Puller will truly make you best friends with your pet.

EXCITEMENTEXCITEMENT — Your dog will always be excited to spend time with you – guaranteed! –once you introduce them to the games with Puller.

RUNNINGRUNNING — Puller can traverse air, roll on the ground, and jump, thus creating even more engaging fetch game environment for your dog and improving their speed and agility.

JUMPINGJUMPING — Exercise your dog to catch Puller mid-air or simply offer your pup to jump up while holding the ring. Such activity builds body composition, strengthens their back paws, and decreases chances for future injuries.

PULLINGPULLING — Puller is designed to withstand very heavy pulling, hence the name. So brace yourself for a wild tug-of-war and suggest your canine to switch rings, thus improving their focus, strength, and developing the ability to let go of items and switch.

SWIMMINGSWIMMING — Throw Puller in the water and motivate your dog to swim while fetching it for you! Swimming is a top-notch full-body exercise, especially with an easily-retrievable Puller that stays floating atop the surface.



Dog's teeth leave marks on the Puller, is this OK?
While training with the Puller, “tooth dents” can appear and this is normal as long as it doesn't threaten the ring's integrity

Can I just give Puller to my dog as a toy to play with?
You shouldn't! They aren’t meant for independent chewing though, so do not leave your dog unattended with a Puller. They are meant for interactive play

How to choose the size of the Puller for my dog?
Please use our size chart. In case of any doubt, please contact care@waudog.com or call +1 8888143144


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