Glamour reinforced rolled leather leash with metal clip
The rolled Glamour leather dog collar by WAUDOG is a perfect choice for fashionistas. It will create an elegant look while the durability will pleasantly surprise you!
from $21.99
Glamour leather leash with metal clip
The Glamour leather dog leash by WAUDOG is a perfect choice for fashionistas! This stylish accessory will become a reliable and stylish lead for the most comfortable walks with your dog.
from $19.99
Soft leather leash with metal clip
The Soft leash by WAUDOG is made of genuine softened leather that is a pure joy to hold in a hand. We designed this leash with your comfort in mind to make your walks more enjoyable.
from $39.99
Classic leather leash with metal clip
The classic leash by WAUDOG is an embodiment of enduring style. Experience the soft touch of genuine leather and treat your beloved dog to the luxury of impeccable quality.
from $19.90

Leather dog leashes were created to provide maximum control and comfort

The top leather dog leashes are made of 100% genuine leather. The material is durable, soft, and flexible. Thanks to the thick layer of belt leather, it can withstand the pressure in the form of powerful jerks of the dog. The cool leather dog leashes are durable as they are securely stitched with dense thread. Does not tear or stretch, is resistant to temperature extremes, easy to clean with a damp washcloth. High-quality hardware is backed by a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, easy to use, securely attached to the collar or harness. The collection is available in four colors that stylize bright looks and it is an excellent leash for dog shows, patrolling basic walking, and training.

Leather dog leashes for sale on our site

Buy leather dog leashes online, because they are extremely durable as they are made of 4mm leather. Our leather dog leashes for sale are of the highest quality with the ideal cut and texture. The leather leash is very tight and difficult to break or stretch. Guaranteed durability and preservation of its original appearance even under increased loads, such as jerks, sharp and active movements of the dog. Leather products are always an indicator of status, reliability, and high quality.

The best leather dog leashes are well-designed, the edges of the product are securely stitched with dense thread. Due to this, the leash retains its shape for a long time, does not fall apart. This technology prevents premature wear. The leash has a presentable appearance and is guaranteed to see more than one season.

Best leather dog leashes for walking with your four-pawed friend

The loop handle is designed to maximize your hand comfort during walking the dog. Provides a firm and comfortable grip when your dog moves quickly. The leash is undoubtedly versatile, as it is suitable not only for daily walks with small and medium breeds of dogs but also for training with attack dogs. Our leather dog leash for sale will withstand all breeds of dogs!

Leather dog leashes price — will you surprise

You have at least four main reasons to buy leather dog leash:

  • Made from thick, durable belt leather
  • The edges of the product are stitched with a dense thread
  • Soft and comfortable loop handle
  • Bright colors

In addition, we provide a lifetime warranty on our top leather dog leashes. We're passionate about the quality of our products, so we are sure that you will be satisfied. But if you suddenly don't, you can return the product to us without any explanation within 30 days after purchase.

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