How to attach a dog harness to a seat belt

How to attach a dog harness to a seat belt 

One of the most basic and the most important procedures we go through whenever boarding a car is attaching the seatbelt. For us, humans, it's a safety procedure we have to do to reduce the risks of accident injuries. The same should go for our dogs. If you're thinking of buying a dog or taking your dog on a trip, you should know all about securing it in the car so it doesn't fall when you hit something as tiny as a speed bump or some ragged pothole. 

Dog walkers can relate to this a lot as they often come across people who pull off violent reactions from their dogs and the only way, they could restrain them and prevent the dogs from attacking these people was the harness. So yes. It helps to harness your dog. The question now is how helpful is it to harness your dog to the car seat? This begs the question, how to harness a dog in the car.


How To Harness Dog In Car

If you're a complete newbie into the whole traveling with a dog, you might probably wonder why a dog needs a harness in the back seat. Apart from how to harness dogs in cars, we need to talk about why.

  •  Safety

In this situation, you're not only protecting the dog, but you're protecting outsiders as well. Let's say an accident occurs, and then you dial 911, a few moments later, an ambulance gets to you, and the first responder tries to get you out of the car. Your dog might think they are trying to harm you and then jump out of the backseat to give the responder an excellent old bite. Dogs don't respond well to strangers, that's a known fact, but with a harness, you wouldn't have to worry about the dog or you or anyone else getting in danger.

  • Anxiety

Yep. That's a thing. Dogs develop what is called car ride anxiety, and the perfect harness can make a difference in preventing your dog from getting weird feelings while driving; it's essential to harness it to the seatbelt at the backseat so it can have some sense of security

Dog anxiety can be prevented with the proper dog harness.

Considering why to use a car harness, it is essential to know how to attach a dog harness to a seat belt to ensure proper safety and reduce the risk of any car accident. Let's get right into it. Let's see how to use a dog harness in a car.

How To Fit Dog Car Harnes

Attaching a dog harness to a seatbelt might seem simple enough in movies and on TV in general, but you need to know there are some steps you need to take before making sure your dog is perfectly secure in the back seat. It can get tricky at some point, but you'll get the hang of it. If you're going to take your dogs on a journey, you're going to need to read these step by step. The steps on how to fit dog for the harness are:

Test The Harness

The first step in knowing how to put on a dog car harness is testing the harness itself. This might sound simple enough, but it never is. It's advised that the harness you use for dog walking shouldn't be the one you strap your dog to whenever you're going on a road trip. Sometimes, you have to find common ground and get a good harness for dog walking and road trips. At Waudog, we provide a series of high-quality dog harnesses. We can also help you select the perfect one for your dog in case you're thinking of going on a journey with it.


In other words, before you get your puppy on the backseat and strap a random harness on it, you need to make sure it's the "correct" one for your dog. Correct in this sense means it fits your dog in every possible way. It holds your dog firmly but not in a friendly manner, draws perfectly to the seat but not too much to avoid accidents, and finally, it's comfortable for you. It has to be easy for you to strap. These features are not hard to find in dog harnesses these days; you'll find one. Our harness gallery is an excellent place to start.

Attach the clips

Carabineer clips are the essential things in a dog harness. They are even more critical when you plan to attach them to a seatbelt. The carabineer clip should be fastened to the waist and shoulder part of the seat belt for safety measures. Our harness gallery consists of several harnesses with perfect carabineer clips. They are part of what makes our dog harnesses not the only firm to ensure safety but also easy to ensure comfort. Once you put the clips alongside the shoulder and the waist as described, the next thing is to clip them to make sure they are secure firmly.

Lock it up

We don't mean to lock down your dog. Once you attach the safety clips and buckle the seat belt, the next step is to connect the clips to the back strap of the harness. This would ensure your dog is held firmly against the seatbelt and isn't wobbling as your car moves. How to attach a dog harness seatbelt isn't hard once you learn these steps.

There you have it. Your dog is appropriately attached to the harness and the seat belt in itself. You now know how to put on a dog car harness. You can now go whichever way you plan to go and not worry about falling off the seat or, worse, jumping out the window.

As said earlier, the harness you choose for your dog matters. It doesn't matter if it can be fastened; you have to ensure it's the right fit for your dog. The clips and the leashes have to make your dog both secure and comfortable. At Waudog, you would be sure to get the harness that would fit your dog perfectly with no way of getting out while you're driving unaware.

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