Veterinary medicine, as a science, appeared in Ancient Egypt and has come a long way to this day. This article contains the most common diseases in dogs.

Skin diseases

Skin symptoms are easy to spot. The dog becomes unkempt in appearance, the coat becomes dull, fragility, dandruff and itching, and odor appear. These symptoms may indicate such diseases: flea dermatitis, allergies (food), tick infestation.

Diseases of the digestive system

Symptoms: vomiting, refusal to eat, blood and mucus in the stool, constipation, loose stools. The dog's behavior becomes sluggish, and it may adopt strange postures to relieve pain. If you experience such symptoms, then immediately contact your veterinarian, because diseases of the digestive symptoms are very dangerous for the health of the pet.

Ear diseases

The symptoms of this ailment are quite noticeable, the pet often scratches its ears, shakes its head, and even after cleaning the ears quickly become dirty with an unpleasant odor, then this is a reason to contact the veterinarian. Do not forget that in all dogs and people it is considered the norm if a secret forms in the auricle. This is a kind of ear protection from dirt, dust and so on. The amount of this substance must be determined. If you do not pay attention to this, then the animal may develop diseases such as inflammation of the inner ear, perforation of the eardrum, leading to deafness. The most terrible disease that leads to death is inflammation of the lining of the brain. Cocker spaniel, Shar Pei, and Labrador breeds are most often susceptible to ear diseases.

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