Dogs adore playing games! Of course, to maintain good health dogs need regular training, but we shouldn’t forget about the importance of the games. It’s easier to teach the dog playfully. But sometimes your pet just needs to have fun without any lessons and the teacher’s pressure. Games provide physical and intellectual activity for your dog, bring you closer to your pet and prevent the lovely one from getting bored. Here are the top 5 games that will help you to diversify your leisure time with your doggy. Buckle up, we start.

Fetch is a wonderful solution for an energetic dog. Running and bringing objects to the owner is what many dogs love. In this case, if a pet doesn’t understand your intention, you can teach it. You can play this game almost anywhere: outdoors throwing a Frisbee, or indoors with a soft toy. Treat your dog to some delicious snacks, let your doggy feel like a winner. It’s the best motivation to continue playing.

2.Hide & Seek
Hide and seek is not only child's play. Dogs also enjoy playing this well-known game. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to practice commands in a playful form. This game is an awesome brain exercise for dogs as it allows them to show their problem-slowing skills.
Firstly, give your dog the command to stay. Then grab a treat or one of your dog's favorite toys and go hide. When you're ready, invite your four-legged friend to come to find you. The dog's interest will increase if you squeak with its favorite toy. Once your pet finds you, reward it with a long-awaited delicacy or a toy.
Use language like “hot” and “cold” to let your dog know if it is closer or further from the aim. Play with tone for providing better understanding: excited for “warm” and indifferent for “cold”.

3.Tug of war
Tug of war it’s a very popular game among dogs. This game allows dogs to let out all accumulated energy. Pulling and tugging serve as good physical exercises. Let your dog win from time to time to enhance its confidence.

4.Search for treats or toys
Naturally, dogs have a great sense of smell which they use to find necessary objects. Use it to play a game of searching for a hidden object. Get out from the pet’s sight and hide your dog’s favorite treats all over the room. Call the dog and tell it to look. Provide your help by pointing out which places to explore.

5.Chase the Prey
Chase the Prey is an excellent exercise for improving concentration. It’s not just a way of entertainment, but also a great opportunity to practice impulse control by dropping the objects. Attach a toy or something else to the rope to create a lure. Give your doggy the opportunity to fix on the aim, drag the lure slowly as the pet tries to hunt it. As a reward, let the dog catch it and feel the victory.
Not only a dog enjoys games. They charge you with positivity, too, improve your attention and dexterity, and work your muscles. In any case, a marvelous time with your doggy is guaranteed.

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