Now you have already acquired a four-legged friend and it is time for your first walk. An exciting moment for the inexperienced dog lover. We hope that you have purchased all the necessary equipment for walking your pet, if not, we recommend buying a collar for a dog, also buy a leash for a dog. These are the basic accessories that will come in handy.
Let's figure out with you what basic rules you need to follow when walking a pet so as not to run into trouble.

What you can:
  1. If your dog weighs less than 5 kg, then it is not necessary to use a leash. But for your convenience and the added safety of your pet, we recommend keeping your pet on a leash.
  2. You have not one dog, but several furry friends, then you can go for a walk all together. Walking more than 2 dogs is allowed.
  3. The dog can walk without a muzzle in specially designated areas, but if your pet is aggressive and belongs to more dangerous breeds, then a muzzle is required.
What is not allowed:
  1. Walk the dog while intoxicated.
  2. There are territories where walking with an animal is prohibited: a cemetery, playgrounds, schools, medical institutions and other places where there is a mass gathering of people.
  3. If your tail can cause potential harm (aggressive temperament, overall dimensions), then it is forbidden to walk it without a muzzle and on a long leash.
  4. Dog walking is prohibited in residential areas after 23:00.
And we will leave for you the main points that you should always remember:
  1. Be careful that your pet does not injure anyone, cause discomfort or fear in others.
  2. You must control all movements of the dog, especially in yards and entrances.
  3. Clean up after your pet waste products. Having all this information, observe it, then walks will be safe and enjoyable. Find reliable walking accessories to keep you calm.
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