Howling is one of the elements of dog language. In this way, they communicate at a distance with their peers, express certain emotions. But is it always worth being afraid of a dog "crying"?
For what reasons can your pet howl.
Let's understand this question.
First, of course, it is thirst and hunger - you say too banal reason, but do not exclude it from the list. How often do you see your pet's empty bowl or drinking bowl coming home? When you linger at work, you thereby delay feeding your pet. But while the dog is not sure of its safety (hunger and thirst are of course a danger), it feels discomfort, and therefore tries to say about it in the form of "howling".
Also, your pet may feel unwell. It only seems to us that the dog howls for no reason, but so the animal complains of pain, urging the person not to stay aside and help him.
Another reason may be the lack of attention of the owner. An animal can easily howl if you start to ignore it. With the help of a loud howl, the dog seems to be trying to tell you: "Master, pay attention to me, play with me!". You can also solve this problem by increasing the number of walks in the fresh air with your pet. And so that your four-legged friend is not lost, we can advise you to buy a fashionable collar with an adress tag.
Dogs are social animals, so they all feel great. This explains their ability to anticipate unhappiness. If one of the household members is ill, the pet will certainly feel general anxiety and worry and will start howling as a sign of solidarity.

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