You are worried that moving will stress your dog and how he will generally adapt to the new home. You should not worry too much, because usually everything is all right with pet. Rather, its mental state can change from the behavior of the owner. As it happens (when moving), the dog owner can be very emotional and his behavior is unstable. This can lead to changes in the dog's behavior.

Nylon collarHere are some tips to help your dog to adjust to a new home:
  1. About 2 weeks before moving, do not change anything in the dog's life (daily routine, feeding, walking time). As soon as we drove into a new house, then surround the pet with his favorite things (for example, toys) to make her as comfortable as possible.
  2. Walks in new place should follow the same route, only over time start to discover new walking ways.
  3. Don't make your pet too emotional, don't play with training equipment.
  4. Purchase treats, toys, you can buy dog collar or bright leash.
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