The water-repellent collar is perfect for hunters, hikers and rescuers. It is very easy to put on and is adjustable in length. Collars of this series for dogs combine the innovative waterproof COLLARTEX material and a heavy-duty aluminium alloy hook-lock with a place for personalized engraving for your beloved pet. Advantages of waterproof models: - Reliable and practical - Not afraid of snow, dirt and water, wash well, bright colours do not fade under the influence of ultraviolet rays; - Aluminum hook buckle can be removed and put on with one movement of the hand; - Universal adjustment: one size for medium and large breeds; - COLLARTEX material can withstand heavyweight and long service life; Also, along with the collar, you can purchase waterproof leashes and harnesses of the “WAUDOG WATERPROOF” series in the same colours.
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