If you've decided it's time to start training your dog, then this is a good decision. After all, training helps to reveal the full potential of the dog, it is also a fun pastime that will bring you closer to your pet. The main rule is a good appeal to the animal, because the dog is obedient in its breed and will gladly follow your commands if you find an approach to it and will encourage it.Let's take a step by step how to properly train a dog to achieve results.


We recommend buying a durable collar and a reliable leash to control all the movements of the dog. It is also ideal for the dog to feel a little hungry and be sure to meet his needs, so that no factors distract him, and a little hunger motivates him to follow the commands for which he received treats.


Trainings should be regular so that information is not forgotten in the pet's head. But there should be breaks, training up to 30 minutes will be a joy for you and the dog.


Do not forget about goodies, reward your four-legged pet for the commands you have completed. Let the training for him carry pleasant associations, praise, say pleasant words and stroke.


Do not behave aggressively towards your pet if something fails. After all, you run into a mutual relationship on the part of the dog, she also becomes aggressive or scared. You can maximize tone. By following these simple rules, you will soon see the result. Having achieved the result, please the dog, buy her a stylish adress tag or a cute harness.

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