A muzzle is the same ammunition as a collar or leash, so there is no need to be sceptical about this accessory. To be sure that the muzzle does not cause the slightest harm to your pet, read the parameters for choosing a muzzle and choose a comfortable material for the accessory. But how to accustom a four-legged pet to this type of ammunition and at what age to start practising wearing a muzzle, you will read in this article.We recommend to train the dog from 5-6 months, but if it is already older, then it's okay. Now let's take a step-by-step look at how to gently and gently get used to this product for a dog.


We said that it is necessary to choose the correct size of the muzzle. And now you've made your purchase, but where to start. Just let your pet smell this novelty in its arsenal of accessories. You can muzzle the yummy so that she sticks her head in there. The dog gets used to the idea that by sticking its head into the muzzle, it gets tasty. It's time to try buttoning the accessory: yummy-fastening the muzzle-unbuttoning. At the first stage, such a scheme is obtained.


When the dog is no longer trying to remove the muzzle, then give her treats. But after a while, start doing it less often, gradually increase the pauses between feeding. You can pamper your pet for being in the muzzle for a long time. If your pet is affectionate, you can encourage him to pet. Thus, without negative experiences, a pleasant result will


Now is the time to go for a walk and show the world your beautiful dog muzzle. As soon as you went outside, immediately remove the accessory from your pet. Do not let the dog remove the muzzle on its own, switch its attention to executing commands or interacting with you. Gradually increase the time you go for walks with the muzzle, remembering to reward the dog with treats for the long-term wearing of the accessory.


We recommend removing the muzzle when the dog is calm or his attention is concentrated on something. You do not need to do this when she herself is trying to pull it off herself, try to distract from it. Acting in stages, you will definitely succeed! The main thing is not to rush, let the dog gradually get used to the muzzle. Do not leave negative memories of your pet for this accessory.

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