Walking Your Dog in the Winter
When winter comes, dog owners need to take into account the features of walking and keeping the dog. We advise you to walk more often but to reduce the walking time. walking time depends on many factors: activity, fur, age, etc. For four-legged pets that tolerate the cold, you should buy dog clothes (for example, a jacket). Clothes help to keep warm and avoid hypothermia also will protect from ice cuts. For convenience, choose a waterproof collar or a waterproof leash so that under the influence of snow the pet accessories don't become wet. If i's icy outside, keep the dog close to you, at a short distance, to control the pet. Also, we recommend purchasing a light-accumulative to keep your dog safe in the dark. After a walk, wash your pet's paws with warm, not hot water.

Dog food in winter.
We advise you not to increase portions but to increase the caloric content. It is important that in the winter the dog has enough vitamins E and B, for this you can resort to vitamin supplements or enrich the pet's diet with these vitamins

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