You might have an idea to expand your family and search for the best family dog. Getting a doggy it's a very responsible decision and you should be 100% ready. A German Shepherd is a beautiful, intelligent, and loyal dog. If you are reading this, you probably have a question: are German Shepherds good family dogs?
Sure thing! A German Shepherd is an excellent family member! The following reasons will help you to finally make a decision.

They are good with children

If you train your doggy, it will be well-mannered around kids. A German Shepherd is the perfect combination of playfulness and protectiveness when it comes to children. It’s a full-day loving and caring babysitter. Your child will be entertained and protected. German Shepherds tolerate not only hugs and snuggles, but also grabs and pulls from babies. Your kid will enjoy endless joy and mutual love.

Excellent Lifeguards

German Shepherds' protective nature will keep your family members and house safe. It's their duty to protect the lives of their loved ones. At a critical moment, they will defend their family without any hesitation like real heroes. But to achieve good behavior, you should maintain regular training. Supervise and praise your doggy when it is doing well to reinforce good behavior.

Easy to train

This breed excels in remembering commands quickly and easily. GSDs are capable of learning more than simple tricks like “come”, “down”, “sit” or “stay”. If you are interested in dog training, you can teach your German Shepherd more complex tricks and create a real army soldier. This breed has excellent learning potential. German Shepherds can be taught anything: GSDs work in the police, the army, the customs office. They act in films, guard houses, support people with disabilities, and so on.

Good at handling change

German Shepherds are excellent at handling changes. They can withstand various conditions from high temperatures to low, GSDs can live inside and outside. A German Shepherd can adapt to a big family and it's okay if you live alone.
German Shepherds are the third most intelligent dog breed. Pay attention to the dog's education and your four-pawed friend will definitely live up to your expectations.

All photos are from Unsplash

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