Glamour reinforced rolled leather leash for dogs

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The rolled Glamour leather dog collar by WAUDOG is a perfect choice for fashionistas. It will create an elegant look while the durability will pleasantly surprise you!


Durable reinforced genuine leather

The rolled Glamour leash by WAUDOG is made of very soft yet durable genuine leather. It’s reinforced with the inner cord sandwiched between leather to make this leash last for a really long time. Gentle and pleasant to the touch, it's a perfect decision for both active games and everyday walks.  

The edges of this leash are meticulously stitched with a heavy-duty thread. Thanks to it, the leash keeps its shape for a long time and can handle almost everything. The rolled Glamour leash by WAUDOG is designed to see more than one season!

Ultra-comfortable with soft loop handle

The rolled Glamour leash by WAUDOG has a loop handle designed for your comfort. It offers a firm and comfortable grip even when your dog is too active. You will always be able to securely hold this leash in your hand no matter how hard your dog pulls. 

Vivid colors

The Glamour leash by WAUDOG is available in nine vibrant colors that will be a stylish addition to any look. The leash looks expensive and elegant thanks to the texture of the material. With such an accessory, your dog will always look trendy. 

Reliable hardware

Easy to put on and take off, the simple yet reliable clip allows you to quickly and securely attach the leash to your pet's collar or harness. The clip is made of highly durable aluminum alloy, it can withstand constant loads and moments of critical pressure. The clip is equipped with a simplified clutch that is quick to open and close. Just press the button and the clip opens.

100% satisfaction guarantee & lifetime warranty

We're passionate about the quality of our products, so we are sure that you will be satisfied. Yet, if you suddenly don't like something, you can return the product to us without any explanation within 30 days after purchase and get a refund. We also provide a lifetime warranty for our hardware which means we will replace the product if it breaks (and it shouldn’t have). If you have any questions, please contact us. We are always ready to help you!

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