Hands-free retractable dog leash

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EXTREMELY LIGHTWEIGHT EXTREMELY LIGHTWEIGHT — It weighs only 212 grams! Our retractable leash is lightweight and easily portable, you can carry it anywhere.

HANDS-FREE OPTIONHands-free option — You can just hang it on your wrist to keep your hands free. It’s a perfect solution for long walks with your fluffy friend!

ULTRA-COMFORTABLE GRIPUltra-comfortable grip — It is comfortable to hold in hand. Perfect decision for long walks. 

PASTEL COLORSPastel colors — The collection includes four colors: light-green, light-blue, light-pink, and white. Our ring-shaped leash will serve as a great addition to each look.

REFLECTIVE STRIPReflective strip — Our reflective tape glows in the dark and provides good visibility. Make sure both you and your dog are visible even during the nighttime.

RELIABLE STOP BUTTONReliable stop button — Once you press it, the leash is securely blocked even if your dog charges forward.



Have doubts about the reliability of the construction?

Our automatic leash has been tested for many breeds and sizes of dogs, active and energetic dogs including. It's designed to combine safety, reliability and an incredible easiness and comfort of usage

Have doubts that the length of the leash is not enough?

The length has been tested for being optimal to ensure safety, reliability, and hands-free function in one leash. A longer leash can tangle in a most unexpected moment when your hands are occupied and you cannot react quickly enough.

Why lace and not cord?

Due to the hands-free option which allows jogging and running your everyday errands while walking with your dog, a lace is used instead of a string to avoid injuring your hands and giving your dog's a rope burn. Your safety is our priority!

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