"You become responsible forever for what you’ve tamed.” ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince


Are you ready to not just get a dog, but find your BFF, with whom you will live in harmony and mutual understanding? A dog it’s an endless source of love, support, and fun. It’s a very responsible decision to adopt a doggy and provide living conditions for it on a high level.
You should realize the level of importance of the situation. Firstly, make sure that everything is prepared for the dog’s arrival. Don’t forget about costs: keeping a pet requires quite a bit of money. If you are ready both psychologically and financially — go for it! It’s time for a new furry friend to appear in your life — accept our warm congratulations! Now you just need to understand which dog is right for you.
When choosing a dog for yourself, you need to consider several factors. The most important thing is to evaluate your lifestyle and understand how much you are ready to change. What does your family need? Do you have children, older relatives, or other pets? Maybe some of your family members are allergic to fur. Take into consideration the size of the animal, its age, and its energy. The final decision should include the desires and expectations of all family members. We are ready to help you and offer tips that will help you to make the right decision. Let’s start.

Size of the dog

It depends on your preference. Maybe as a child, you got inspired by the cartoon “101 Dalmatians” and you want only large breed dogs. Or you would like to have a travel buddy whom you can easily carry around. If a size doesn’t matter, your choice becomes broader.
Keep in mind - some small breed dogs are very vulnerable. They can be injured by minor things. They are much more sensitive to low temperatures, so be prepared to keep them warm. Remember, small breeds need training too! Some small dogs can be quite scandalous and aggressive.
But the main thing when choosing a size of a dog is to take into account the size of your home. For example, a labrador will not feel very comfortable living in a one-bedroom apartment.

Level of activity

The level of activity of an animal is often predetermined by the breed. But this does not mean that you can only rely on it to guess how active a dog will be. Every dog, regardless of its breed, requires regular walks and physical activity. Are you sure you can provide it? If you know that you are not a big fan of walks and only can make one or two short walks a day, you better get a less active and a smaller dog. If you look for a company for jogging in the park — take a look at more active breeds.
Be prepared that you’ll need to walk a lot. Many behavioral problems are the result of excess energy. Unfortunately, such dogs are often abandoned because of their "bad" behavior. Although these problems could have been avoided by simply walking the dog more and keeping it active.

Care features

The basic procedure, such as washing, will be necessary for all dogs. But some breeds need more regular grooming. It mostly depends on the type of fur. For example, dogs with intensely growing fur need regular haircuts and brushing. Most short-haired breeds shed, so be prepared for frequent cleaning. Some tools, like a FURminator, help reduce shedding.
Dogs with long, floppy ears are more likely to pick up ear infections and their ears should be cleaned regularly and carefully.
All dogs are equally deserving of love and attention. We are all different — both people and pets. But there is someone in whom you will find mutual love, peace, and harmony.

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