Summer is the most adventurous time. We are sure you are planning your vacation right now or booking a SUP board for a weekend. And we all remember summer essentials: sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, and a bottle of water.
But how to protect your best friend from the heat if a doggy wants to come with you? During the summer, we need to help them to stay cool. We can’t let our pets suffer from the hot weather — they are at risk of having a heatstroke. These tips will help you to keep your pup cool.

How to realize that your dog is hot?

Dogs don’t sweat as we do. They might have sweaty paws but that’s it. The moisture evaporates from their mouths and noses. So panting is the main form of temperature regulation for dogs — it makes air circulate through their bodies and helps them to cool down. Excessive panting is the first sign of dogs' discomfort.

How to keep your furry friend cool during intense heat

Maintain the water balance

Be sure to provide your dog with enough cool water to drink. Preparing to go for a walk with your dog, take a bottle of water and offer it to your pooch every 15-20 minutes. Remember that drinking a lot of water at a time is also not a good idea.

Create sources of refreshment

If your dog loves to be outdoors, then set up an oscillating yard sprinkler and let your dog run through and play in it. It's both a refreshment and a kind of entertainment for the dog, your friend will try to guess what the mystery is. Also, you can throw some ice in your pup’s water bowl to keep the water cool.

Improvised hydrotherapy 

If you are a lucky owner of a pool, then you will greatly simplify your pet's life. Your doggy will take a dip in the pool to cool down from time to time. Instead of a real pool, you may want to buy a small plastic pool. It will be easier to change the water in such a pool. The main advantage is that you can provide shade over it to keep the water cooler throughout the day.

Sun-protective shelter

If your dog likes to spend time in the yard, make a shelter to protect it from the sun. Especially during the hottest hours from If your dog likes to spend time in the yard, make a shelter to protect it from the sun. Especially during the hottest hours from noon till 3 P. M. hours. It may be natural sources like a tree in the yard. Portable sun shades or patio umbrellas will come in handy during the summer heat.

Stay at home
The best advice is to stay at home and avoid the hottest hours. It is best to go for a walk early in the morning or in the evening when the sun rays are not so dangerous. At home, an air conditioner and a fan will help you both to escape the heat.
This summer will leave only pleasant memories. We hope our tips will help you to ensure comfort for each WAUDOG friend.

All photos are from Unsplash

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