All dogs suffer from hot weather because they are unable to cool down quickly through sweating like people. The French bulldogs can't breathe properly because they are brachycephalic — they have shortened muzzles. That’s why they don’t do very well in hot and humid weather. In most cases, warm weather that generally creates slight discomfort for other breeds can be fatal for French bulldogs. The following tips will help you ease the life of your french bulldog in hot weather:
  1. Walk your dog early in the morning while the sun is not so aggressive and the ground has cooled down overnight. Or after sunset when the air temperature gradually decreases.
  2. Always provide shade and fresh water when walking on a hot day.
  3. When it is very hot and humid, keep your doggy inside in a properly air-conditioned room.
  4. Limit outside activity to potty time and no more during extremely hot periods.
  5. Pay attention to your dog's well-being, especially the way your bulldog breathes. If your bulldog is panting heavily for more than 5 minutes, then keep the animal in a cold place.
  6. Don't leave your dog alone with closed windows.
  7. Also, you may buy a cooling mat. It's a must-have for the summer season.

    The most important thing is to instantly recognize the warning signs of overheating and perform first aid. Signs of a heatstroke in dogs:

    1. heavy panting;
    2. restlessness;
    3. vomiting;
    4. lack of appetite;
    5. high temperature;
    6. lack of coordination.

      Bring the bottle of water with you each time you go out and frequently offer your dog to drink. Provide shade or take your bulldog to a cold place. If your Frenchie isn't getting better, don't wait. Contact a vet immediately!
      We hope that our tips will help our responsible parents of the cutest creations in the world. This information may be not new but relevant to French bulldog owners. You will enjoy summer adventures together and your Frenchie will say “Ç'est magnifique!”
      Bonnes vacances! - as we French say.

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