There are lots of pet products in the market and one ubiquitous question often asked is “How do you put on a dog harness?”.
Collars and harnesses are essential pet gears for a paw parent. Not only does it play a huge role in training but it also helps in keeping your dogs under control and safe during walks. Harnesses have seen a rise in popularity over the recent years because they tend to hug the body rather than just the neck thus, causing fewer choking accidents when going for your daily pet walk and exercise.
This article aims to walk you through the proper way to attach a harness to your furry companion. You must ensure that a harness is correctly attached to avoid any unwanted and unnecessary accidents during walks. Don’t worry, dogs aren’t averse to the harness learning how to acclimate your dog to the new gear can be very easy and won’t take too much work. Once you have mastered the art of the harness, My guarantee is that walks will be hassle-free, and you and your dog will be able to bond and exercise better.

How to put a harness on a dog?

There are different kinds of dog harnesses or dog vests available in the market 1.) Standard Dog Harness 2.) Step-in Dog Harness 3.) Front clip Dog harness. Thus, the first step to put a dog harness on is to determine what kind of harness is the best fit for your pet.
  1. Standard Dog Harness: the most common harness in the market. This kind of leash is shaped like rectangles and distributes the force pull of the dog throughout its back and chest. A standard dog harness wraps around the ribs and the neck. This kind of harness is recommended for smaller breeds or a puppy.
  2. Step-in Harness: similar to the standard dog harness but its loops are thinner and you need to put your dog’s legs into the loop. The lock is usually at the side or the back. These kinds of harnesses are triangle-shaped rather than rectangle-shaped Also, this kind of harness is recommended for well-behaved dogs that do not usually pull hard on the leash. If this leash is not correctly attached, this might slip off your dog’s head.
  3. Front Clip Harness: locks at the chest of your dog and loops around its belly. Front clip harnesses are designed to minimize dogs’ pulling on the leash. This kind of harness is recommended for bigger/large breeds or your rambunctious dogs.
    The second step on how to put on a dog harness is to determine the size of the harness that will fit your dog. You must ensure that your dog’s harness isn’t too tight to avoid chafing their skins and that it isn’t too loose to avoid them slipping off the leash.
    The third step is to determine what kind of material your harness will be. Some materials will be harsher and cause chafing on your dog’s skin. Harnesses are often made from nylon, mesh, and leather.
    The fourth step to attach a harness to a dog is to keep your dog calm. You do not want them jumping on you when you’re trying to attach the harness properly. Ask your dog to sit. This is also a good opportunity to practice obedience training for your dogs.
    The next section will walk you through how to attach each kind of harness to your dog. Note that the packaging of your harnesses can include pictures and instructions to help you guide through the process of fitting the harness to your dog’s body.

    How to Put on a Dog Harness [Standard Harness]

    To attach a harness to a dog, refer to the following steps:
    1. Make sure that your dog is calm. Ask your dog if they can sit, otherwise just make sure that your dog isn’t jumping on you.
    2. Get down on your dog’s level by kneeling or sitting beside them.
    3. Put the harness over your dog’s head. The ring attachment should be on their back.
    4. Slip one of your dog’s legs through the wider loop
    5. Slip another of your dog’s legs through the narrower loop
    6. Make sure that the harness is buckled and locked.
    7. Check if the harness is too tight or too loose and make necessary adjustments.
    8. Simply apply the leash and go for your walk!

    How to put a [Step-in Harness] on a dog

    1. Have dog sit. Do not put on a harness while they are excited as this will be harder to correct in the future. A calm dog makes for a calm walk.
    2. Lay the harness flat on the ground. Make sure that you can see/visualize where your dogs’ legs will be put into. Some packaging also includes diagrams and instructions to help you see how their products fit your dogs.
    3. Place your dog’s feet inside the two triangles
    4. Pick up the ends of the harness and clip them on the back of your dog
    5. Check if the harness is too tight or too loose and make necessary adjustments.
    6. Attach the leash and enjoy your walk!

    How to put a [Front Clip Harness] on your dog

    1. Calm your dog. It is better if you can get your dog to sit or stay
    2. Kneel blon the right side of your dog.
    3. Pull the loop of the harness over your dog’s head.
    4. Fasten other strap around your dog’s stomach
    5. Check if the harness is too loose or too tight. Make necessary arrangements
    6. Enjoy your walk!
    I hope I was able to teach you how to put on dog harness. While there are many kinds of harnesses in the market it is important to do your research on what’s the best fit and type for your dog. Also investing in quality gear will help you not just have more peaceful walks but will also be more cost-efficient in the long run.
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