This kind of accessories for pet is ideal for walking in the city. The retractable leash should be used for walking the dog, but not for training. When choosing retractable leash, take into account the weight of the dog, and if your pet is impulsive and energetic, then we recommend adding approximately + 10 kg to the weight. Then walks will be 100% comfortable and safe.
Pay attention to the handle, it should be comfortable for you (especially if you like long walks). Retractable leash can be of two types - tape or cable.
Important: it is forbidden to touch the cable or tape while walking, because you can cut yourself or get injured. Also, do not fasten the tape measure to a choke collar or strict collar, as this may harm your four-legged friend. Convenience of retractable leash is that it hardly gets dirty.
We have considered the most basic points, it only remains for you to decide what to buy retractable leash for dog. Let the purchase be successful and the walks comfortable.
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