You think you know everything about your four-legged friend? In this article, we have gathered the most amazing facts about dogs:
  1. Fact 1. Scientists from the US say that approximately 10% of pets feel the onset of an epileptic fit in their owners. Signs: they start barking and fussing.
  2. Fact 2. Your dog is smarter than you think. It has the ability to track where you are looking, while he also uses this information when interacting with people.
  3. Fact 3. In ancient Egypt, when dog dies in a family, mourning was announced. All family members shaved their heads, and did not touch food for a long time.
  4. Fact 4. Sweat glands in dogs are found on the tip of the nose and on the pads of paws.
  5. Fact 5. Dogs can smile. According to vet scientist John Bradshaw, your puppy with a smile can show that it needs attention and love. And this is not a sign that it is happy. Therefore, hug and please your pet, even with such little things as buying a new personalized collar or a bright muzzle.
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  6. Fact 6. The dog can only worry about being scolded. It doesn't feel guilty.
  7. Fact 7. Your pet's nose is absolutely unique. Its copy is not found in the whole world.
  8. Fact 8. Dogs have the ability to hear ultrasound.
  9. Fact 9. If your dog suddenly becomes a star of Hollywood movies, then you do not have to sign the contract. It will do it itself with the help of its paw and it will be legally correct.
  10. Fact 10. Have you noticed strange behavior when it rains? In fact, dogs do not like rain, the sound of raindrops is harmful to their hearing.
These are the features of four-legged friends. We also recommend that you read our other articles.
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