Your lovely fur ball also has physical, mental, and emotional needs. But first of all, we should remember the essential needs such as healthy food, cozy home, proper hygiene, and getting attention from favorite people. Some points to make you check-up of the level of your dog's happiness.
All dogs are different, right? They all have different characters and demands. But when it comes to the basic needs, they're not complex beings, just like us humans.There are less demanding breeds that are content with having tasty food and shelter. But the quality of these two factors greatly influences the satisfaction of the doggy.

Food tips
  1. Depending on the breed, your dog has corresponding calorie needs.The dog's diet should contain vitamins, minerals and nutrients.
  2.  If your dog is prone to allergic reactions, read the ingredients precisely before purchasing. 
  3. It's better to buy products with AAFCO approved food labels.
  4. Do not forget about such nuances like elderly dogs demand more protein, while puppies need exact control over their caloric consumption to regulate their growth.
Dog's own space
  1. Dogs need their own quiet space to have a rest.If your house is chaotic, with small screaming kids, then it is better to place the dog bed in the bedroom. 
  2. As far as you live in a country house and you have an opportunity to build a dog house, it will be a perfect solution to nap problems. 
Health care tips
  1. To stay healthy, your dog needs regular vaccinations and yearly checkups.The veterinarian will give you care advice and diagnose any problems as they appear.
  2. The dog may have psychological health problems after contact with previous owners, sensitive skin, digestive problems, and several other factors that affect the animal's cheerfulness.
But first of all, make sure that our bluffy bro has:
  1. Veterinary care
  2. Exercise
  3. Regular grooming
  4. Love

Last factor but not the least. It doesn't take a lot of investment to get your dog truly love. Dogs are very loyal animals and it is important for them to feel your reciprocity. Dogs feel the attitude. Love shows in simple things like playing games, daily walks, pat or ear scratch.We hope that these tips will help you to do everything possible on the way to make your Mrs. /Mr. electric tail a little bit happier.

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